Knights of Pen & Paper refuses to give up on Halloween

Knights of Pen & Paper refuses to give up on Halloween

Who said Halloween should only be celebrated on the 31st October? What’s that…everyone in the world? Well apparently nobody told Paradox Interactive as just last week they released a new Halloween themed update for Knights of Pen & Paper.

Somehow I never got around to writing about Knights of Pen and Paper this time last year. I distinctly remember spending a few Sunday evenings watch the New England Patriots throw the ball around while busily guiding my RPG loving heroes to their merry deaths in a random dungeon. Below you can find the last screenshot taken during my adventures last year…

Knights Pen Paper 2013

…somehow I managed to get my team that far through! I’ll have to explore the game once again, this time making use of the new Witch class who will be able to heal my other foolish RPGers while laugh manically, presumably while stirring a cauldron. Thanks to the Haunted Fall expansion, I’ll also be able to clamber my way through some new dungeons…though I hardly count a Corn Field Maze as a dungeon…that’s just a maze surely?

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