Knytt Stories

Knytt Stories

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Knytt Stories sees you play as Juni, a Knytt, in a 2D world that features some truly impressive level backgrounds and music. Somewhat reminiscent of World of Goo in that aspect, but lacking the physics and goo.

Some gorgeous level designs

Rather, Knytt Stories is a platformer where Juni jumps, floats and climbs around the world she is in. The levels are truly gorgeous and going from area to area you really get a sense of what this world is, a massive place full of strange creatures and different areas to explore. What is special about Knytt is that there are a massive number of worlds that you can play in, though you only get one world, and what a world it is, to play with in the initial download of Knytt Stories.

Ghosts, these creatures won't hurt you

You cannot actively attack any of the enemies, instead you must use the various powers you pick up along the way to avoid their deadly attacks. Juni can jump and glide with her umbrella or even create a hologram of herself to confuse the evil creatures, you will use all of these abilities to traverse the world and watch as the backgrounds change from one gorgeous scene to another.

Whatever you do, don't touch the spikes

Keep in mind that Knytt Stories is only the first part of the Knytt story, there are several official expansions and some third party packs that will give you plenty of worlds to explore. A little bonus, all of this is free. Knytt Stories is a very good platformer and is one of the best indie games I have played for quite some time, there is a lot of potential in this if the developers are able to keep producing new levels for it. Get it here.

2 thoughts on “Knytt Stories

  1. hmm, i love this game, i have finished all the official levels and the thrid party pack. im now doing individual ones.

  2. Kytt stories has been around for a while, but more exposure, even if it’s a little late is more than welcome. It’s a wonderful game really, the atmosphere is spot on, the enemy design is always interesting, and to top it all off: you don’t kill anything.

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