LA Noire headed for PC

LA Noire headed for PC

Rockstar have announced that LA Noire will be making the leap to PC, with their Leeds studio heading up development on the title. Rockstar are promising improved fidelity and graphical improvements as well 3D integration and support for mouse and keyboard. You can read Ben’s verdict on the Xbox 360 version of the title over here.

This is good news for PC gamers who may have feared that Rockstar had abandoned the PC as a platform, here’s to hoping they can get around to porting Red Dead Redemption as well.

LA Noire is due for a release on PC this fall.

One thought on “LA Noire headed for PC

  1. All well and good releasing LA Noire some 6 months or whatever after release, but why didn’t they bother with Red Dead? Surely Red Dead would have been worth the effort of porting over as well?

    Regardless this is welcome news, haven’t played much of LA Noire on the 360 yet, so wouldn’t be surprised if I play the majority of it on the PC!

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