Lakeview Cabin II – Granny’s Gonna Get You

Lakeview Cabin II – Granny’s Gonna Get You

It’s dark outside and I can hear the distance wails of a screaming fetus. One of my children has been accidentally blown to pieces, my wife has been decapitated and there’s an old lady with a knife slowly wandering round my house trying to kill me. I am most definitely back at Lakeview Cabin.

Rather confusingly, Lakeview Cabin II is either the second, third or fourth installment of Roope Tamminen’s Lakeview Cabin series, depending on which of his games you choose to include. Starting life as a Flash-powered horror game in 2013, the series has developed considerably but stayed true to its roots of being a cryptic-puzzle game where your main objective is just not to die.

In the first of its eventual four episodes, you play as a family arriving at a house in Lakeview, presumably due to what must now be incredibly low property prices in the county of ‘being stabbed’. You control four family members (including two young children) as they explore their new surroundings where absolutely nothing bad could possibly happen. I won’t stray into spoiler territory beyond screaming ‘you fools! You’re all going to die!’

At some point you’ll do something wrong. You won’t know ever know what it was, but for some reason you’ll incur the wrath of some very bad people who will do everything in their power to murder you and the rest of your family. You can run, you can hide, you can even try and fight back with weapons or random household objects, but you’re probably all going to shuffle off that mortal coil.

So you plan. You gather your resources and prepare for the fight that will inevitably come. You set up elaborate traps worthy of Home Alone and you bunker down, hoping that this time at least one of your family will make it through. And then you realise your son is already dead and your husband is bleeding out, all because you were too busy seeing what a guitar does to notice that Death-Granny is already on the rampage.

Despite its rather cartoonish visuals, Steam has designated the game ‘adults only’, due to scenes of nudity and possibly in part to the fact that your children can die in horrible, horrible ways. This game is most definitely not child-friendly.

Whilst Lakeview Cabin II currently only comes with a single episode and playable hub-area, at least three more episodes are expected to follow. There’s plenty of replay value in what’s already there, with secrets to be found across the map and countless tactics to explore. Roope has already proven with Lakeview Cabin Collection 1 that he’s capable of putting out a variety of exciting episodes, so I’m confident the game won’t rot in early access and am eagerly looking forward to what’s coming next.

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