Machinarium For $5 – A Pirate Amnesty

Machinarium For $5 – A Pirate Amnesty

Did you pirate the beautiful indie game Machinarium? If you did, you have a chance to redeem yourself with the Machinarium Pirate Amnesty and get the game for just $5.

This is an amazing saving of 75% and for just $5 you get the latest version of the game which includes support for Windows, Mac and Linux, and you also get the amazing soundtrack to the game for no extra cost. This is the word from Jakub Dvorsky:

“We released the game DRM free which means it doesn’t include any anti-piracy protection, therefore the game doesn’t bother players with any serial codes or online authentication, but it’s also very easy to copy it. Our estimate from the feedback is that only 5-15% of Machinarium players actually paid for the game. If you decide to buy the game, you can be sure you’ll support directly the developers, not any big publisher or distributor.”

The offer runs until the 12th of August so don’t miss out.

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