Machinarium – New Trailer and Release Date Set

Machinarium – New Trailer and Release Date Set


Jakub Dvorský, Machinarium’s lead producer just dropped me a line with news about a new trailer, some amazing concept art and the release date for the game!

The big news is that it has been confirmed that Machinarium will be released on the 16th October via, Steam, Impulse and more. Machinarium is a delightful adventure game which follows the life of the robot Josef in the big city of Machinarium. I previewed the game on Resolution a while back and I loved it. This is sure to be a cracking game.


13 thoughts on “Machinarium – New Trailer and Release Date Set

  1. While I appreciate your brief explanation of the quite obvious, no that didn’t help me.
    I guess I should have explained. This video is labeled as a trailer for the game, and as such, I expected it to contain something more than a brief snippet of gameplay. Most trailers would try to sell you a product by showing its best aspects, try to be flashy, stylish, humorous, exciting, witty, and/or whatever else gets the target audience interested.
    I guess I thought there was a joke I’m not getting or something more to this video, but from your answer, I gather it’s as simple as it seems; it is nothing but less than a minute of regular gameplay.

  2. Yeah, if you can call them ‘levels’ (since they’re pretty short). You’ve got the intro, the level with the policemen and the level with the little cart. How long is the full game going to be by the way?

  3. Ooh there was at least 25 when I played with it in the Summer, got myself stuck plenty o times so didn’t get to play with them all. I remember those ones, and if I remember correct I got stuck at one point with the cart. May have been early build bugs back then, or just my apalling adventure game skills :D

  4. I love how you’ve got to complete a mini-game to get more hints for the level. Not that I really use them anyway.

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