Mantis Burn Racing Rocks on Switch

Mantis Burn Racing Rocks on Switch

Ahh Mantis Burn Racing, a little gem that I thoroughly enjoyed last year when it was first released. It features some great top-down racing, and while I loved it, part of me always felt the mini vehicles, while looking gorgeous, were a bit lost when playing on a big screen. Now it’s been released on the Switch, and it is better than ever.

The Switch version could be considered the complete package, coming with the three previously released DLC packs and cross-play functionality with PC and Xbox One players. It’s was always an impressive looking racer, and it still looks gorgeous on the Switch, even when playing handheld with 60fps being met. Developers VooFoo Studios deserve credit for bringing the game over to the Switch and embracing it so fully. All the features you would expect are present with local WiFi and split screen options all accounted for. Now I just wish I had someone locally to play with!

The content from the DLC packs, Snowbound, Elite Class and Battle Cars is well worth checking out. The core gameplay that I fell in love with so much last year remains, with a massive career mode to sink your teeth into as you upgrade all your vehicles. The career is now even longer, with two new Veteran Class seasons appearing, along with a dedicated season for Elite and Battle action. It is a slight shame that for the Switch version, the new tracks from Snowbound and vehicle classes haven’t been incorporated into the existing career mode. You can readily jump into Elite Class and Battle Cars seasons without having to work through the initial seasons, but it would have been nice to see them all bundled up into a fresh new career structure from the start.

Outside of the career mode, all options are fair game to combine differen tracks, even types and vehicle classes. There are fun new game modes to go along with the Battle Cars. In Survival you simply have to drive as far as you can without being destroyed, Accumulator Rumble awards points for destroying other racers while you lose points for getting blown up. King of the Track is an odd one, a random racer starts with the crown at gaints points for crossing checkpoints, but the crown slows them down. You have to pay attention not to drive past the King otherwise you’ll end up stopping on track waiting for him to catch up.

The Elite Class vehicles are great fun, functioning as hover cars, their handling is subtly different to any of the other classes on offer. Think of WipeOut and you will get an idea of what these ones are like to throw around a track. They are a challenge, but once you nail them, they’re great fun to mess around with. In the full spirit of WipeOut though, I’d love to see the Elite vehicles double up as Battle cars. The new Battle cars offer a new rugged visual style, loaded full of armour and the chain gun for forward firing, and mines for destroying the pesky opponent who is driving behind you.

I thought Mantis Burn Racing was great last year, and the Switch version feels like the best fit for the game. It looks great on the Switch, and it perfectly suits playing it handheld for a quick race here or there. Coming bundled with all the DLC too? That seals the deal. If you want to check out Mantis Burn, pick it up on the Switch.

Verdict – Headshot

Platforms Available – Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Platform Reviewed – Switch

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