Mass Effect 3 – Let’s Look At the Numbers

Mass Effect 3 – Let’s Look At the Numbers

Mass Effect has arguably been one of the most influential franchises of the last few years. Combining an intergalactic soap-opera with intergalactic-shooting-people-in-the-face, it managed to tick everyone’s boxes, and aside from the reaction to its ending, the majority of fans were sorry to see it come to a conclusion.

BioWare has released an infographic tallying up the overall player statistics for Mass Effect 3, and it contains some surprising results.

If you haven’t finished the series, look away now.



I’m not overly surprised that the majority of players chose the ‘soldier’ class in a third-person shooter, but there are some remarkable outcomes demonstrated here, not to mention some massive spoilers. I fully expect most of you to look it over nodding to yourself, before reaching one point and opening your mouth in surprise.

The ratio of paragon to renegade comes out a lot less balanced than I would have expected, suggesting a great deal less of us have a tendency to punch reporters in the face than I originally thought. Poor Kaidan, arguably my most-used squad member of the entire franchise, turns out to be the least popular, joining players on just 1.5% of missions.

My biggest surprise, however, is the ratio of male to female Shepards. Although ME3 was billed as being an easy point of entry to new players, I am still staggered that only 18% of players experienced the game as a woman, missing out on Jennifer Hale’s remarkable voice acting.

Who knows, maybe I’ve just been blinkered by my own experiences with the franchise, These stats show just how different my experiences with ME3 really were to the vast majority of players, but it’s a testament to the franchise that a player can come out of the same three games with so many different experiences.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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