Meet the Meet the Medic

Meet the Meet the Medic

Valve have lifted the lid on the process of making their hilarious Meet the Medic video in a blog post on the Team Fortress 2 website. In it, they describe the different concepts they went for before finally deciding on the finished product, including ideas of the Medic on a train, how they almost made the video Meet the Medigun and exactly where the Blu Spy head in the fridge came from, including some work-in-progress footage of the short.

It’s fascinating stuff for anyone interested into the thought processes of these shorts, and you can read it all on the official Team Fortress blog.

One thought on “Meet the Meet the Medic

  1. For all the issues I have with hats and the crafting of Team Fortress 2 at the moment, you can’t beat the magic Valve create with the ‘Meet The’ videos.

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