Meet the Pyro – The Countdown Begins

Meet the Pyro – The Countdown Begins

At long, long, long last we are days away from the release of the final Meet the Team machinima. As is tradition, it is accompanied by a game update to Team Fortress 2 which will be described incrementally, day by day, over the next 50 hours. The first briefcase full of intelligence reveals to us a new game type, a new level in that type and the names of eleven new achievements. Plus, there is a page of period faux-vertising! Yes, it’s a word.

The Pyromania Update kicks off with the reveal of Doomsday, a Payload-like map where the teams race to be the ones to accompany a suitcase of Australium to the rocket in which Poopy Joe, that poor poor heroic monkey, awaits oblivion. Mann Co honoured the event in their own way: advertising commemorative plates. Stay classy, Saxton Hale.

The new achievements are related to the new gameplay mode. While there are no descriptions for them available yet, past experience suggests the descriptions will be shown tomorrow. They are titled:

  • Escape Ferocity
  • Lift-Offed
  • Failure to Launch
  • Plan Nine to Outer Space
  • Rocket Booster
  • The Fight Stuff
  • Cap-ogee
  • Best Case Scenario
  • Space Camp
  • Flight Crew
  • Mission Control

Pyromania should be released at 7pm BST / 6pm UST this Wednesday.

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