Microsoft Get Serious in Console War

Microsoft Get Serious in Console War

Microsoft haven’t been faring as well as they would have hoped with the Xbox One, despite great sales, it hasn’t matched the PlayStation 4 yet. Microsoft are taking matters into their own hands and are finally getting into the console war as they announced a substantial price drop with the machine being cut to £399.99 from the 28th February.

It is a big move and is boosted by a new bundle which will include the Xbox One and Titanfall at that sub-£400 price point. To cut the base price of the machine and then include Titanfall at the same price is a serious statement of intent in the console war.

There has been much hype around Titanfall, and it certainly looks like a very impressive online shooter. It will be exclusive to Xbox platforms and the PC and has long been forecast to be a system seller for Microsoft’s new machine. I can see this highly impressive bundle fly off the shelves.

There were some interesting words from Xbox UK managing director Harvey Eagle who spoke to Eurogamer:

“This is about us offering the best value we can. The release of Titanfall is a great moment to do this. It’s a game that has won more than 80 awards so far. It’s hugely anticipated. The multiplayer beta was played and enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world. And we feel now is the best time to adjust the price and to include Titanfall moving forward as a promotional offer.”

“What I’m certain of is that people want to play Titanfall. It’s going to be a system seller. People will buy an Xbox One in order to play this game.”

My two pennies? I’d rather get Titanfall on the PC so I can play using my beloved keyboard and mouse and I’ll be holding fire on the new consoles until they reach the £299 mark. The question is, does this bundle change your mind on the console war?

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