Minecraft 360 – Impressions Of My First Twenty Minutes

Minecraft 360 – Impressions Of My First Twenty Minutes

I have just come back from spending twenty minutes with the just released Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and I am pleased that I tried it. You see, I haven’t tried anything beyond the old browser based version of the game on the PC and I wasn’t overly keen on Terraria last Summer either. So to come away from a brief 20 minute play around with the tutorial, and to feel quite happy with what I played is a positive.

Everything looks like I expected it to, all blocky and…well blocky is about all you need to know with the visuals. Some people love them, some hate them. Personally I am indifferent, they make the game standout from the crowd, I’ll give it that. Starting the tutorial level, I was presented with a nice little pop up box which guided me through the basics of chopping down wood, building a crafting table and digging for stone amongst other assorted bits and pieces.

Crafting seems to be fairly straightforward, you mine your various items and either start crafting from scratch or use an enhancer like a workbench or furnace to help you create more elaborate items. When you start crafting you are shown what items you can make and what materials you require. I get the feeling that die-hard PC fans will cry that this is an outrage and that it ruins the very soul of a game where you are left completely on your own to get with it without any hand holding. For me? As a newcomer to the game, I quite like the fact that I can instantly see what items I can make, and what materials I may need to build that door to secure my home from the monsters of the night.

In short, my initial impressions from my twenty minutes with the game are positive, I will certainly be playing around in the blocky world a bit more to see what lies around the corner. My first task is going to be finishing my home then crafting some weapons. That should be a bit of fun.

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  1. I think controls-wise the changes they have made to crafting for the xbox 360 only makes sense. Having to place each material would take forever with a controller and even combat and mining seems like it would be sluggish (having not actually played it on 360 that’s just how it comes across to me). Would be interesting to try out though especially if they include any kind of multiplayer elements later on.

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