Mod Spotlight: gmDoom

Mod Spotlight: gmDoom

One of the first PC games I ever played growing up was Doom. On the very second level, if you look out of a small window you might just catch a tantalising glimpse of its most emblematic weapon, perched on top of a pedestal like some kind of religious icon. Placed agonisingly out of reach, it was months before we managed to figure out how to acquire it, leaving my brother and I to dub it the Holy Chainsaw.

Years later, battling my way through Half Life 2’s City 17, I remember thinking that crowbars are all very well and good, but to really wreak some damage I could really use that chainsaw.

And now I can.

Thanks to the genius of GhorsHammer’s gmDoom project, I can finally bring that most sacred to items to the streets of Half Life 2. Not only that, but thanks to some technical wizardy, you can also battle Doom’s plethora of demonic hordes in Valve’s vision of a dystopian future.

The mod is currently in its final testing phase, but all things being good we should be seeing it emerge gloriously onto the Steam Workshop in the next couple of days. Working as some kind of demonic bridge between Doom  and Half Life 2, you’ll need both titles to use it, but if you’re gaming in 2013 and don’t have both of these on your digital shelves, you’re in need of a stern talking to.

You can see the mod in action here below. The first half of the video shows Gordon Freeman taking on the combine hordes with a double-barrelled shotgun and a chainsaw, and the last half shows him running down the hordes of hell in Episode 2’s muscle car. Seriously, what more do you need to be told?

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  1. Oh my, I’ve wanted to find a reason (beyond them being so damn good) to go back any play Half-Life 2 and the Episodes!

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