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Mole News


That’s Lionhead mane man Peter Mole News, fair reader – nothing to do with partially-blind dirt dwellers (and you leave my aunty out of this anyway, she has a condition). Shacknews reports that some guy at Lionhead says that there’s currently no port of Fable 2 in a suitable deep-water harbour and that the district governers will tell us if that situation ever changes. What a coincidence it is that people who make games so often feel uncertain as to whether or not they’ll release a PC-port until the console sales start to dry up.

It doesn’t seem long ago that some guy at Rockstar was saying “As for GTAIV coming out on the PC, that’s very doubtful” and Bioware couldn’t “officially confirm” Mass Effect‘s thinkotron incarnation. It’s forgiveable though – the decision to inform the game-buying public whether or not to shell out potentially an extra ¬£10 for a game or to wait for a cheaper and better varient is a difficult one. Executives will lie awake at night, wrecked by anxiety, staring into their bathroom mirrors, into the abyss. Protitable, deceptive, understandable.

6 thoughts on “Mole News

  1. It seems the PC has become “that extra platform where we can port our games if they don’t sell much but sell enough” to the main publishers.
    I mean, you won’t be seeing a PC port of Lair or MGS4 anytime soon, both for very different reasons.

    Anyways, more room for the indies =)

  2. Fable 2 will end up on PC as user as “eggs is eggs”. I’m not going to buy it though – not untill Molenyeux admits he makes decent games not “OMG this game has changed my life and how I think about games” games.

    The silly deluded fool.

  3. I’ll review his games for him with this simple formula

    2x < y

    substitute x for the quality of the new molneux game
    substitute y for self created hype

    It’s easy with maths you see.

  4. They always hold back from confirming release on pc because they don’t want it to harm console sales. When people hear that it’s going to be released on pc they wait and maybe they wait with the intention to pirate it. At least that is what these dev’s fear. I think it will come out on pc. Eventually.

  5. Poopy; I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Dubble said. That’s what all those links to other game developers who’ve released PC ports but denied it before release are for.

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