Monster Trucks Nitro

Monster Trucks Nitro


I just came across Monster Trucks Nitro on Steam, the new game from the developers of the amazing Trials 2: Second Edition. Hit the jump for a video and some brief impressions.

Nitro takes the same basic forumla of Trials 2, and puts it into a Monster Truck, and it works just as well as ever. The premise is simple, you get the truck from the start line to the finish line as fast as possible while flying over the spectacular jumps and blowing up some rusty old cars. It is fun, there is no doubt about that, though it misses out on something that made Trials 2 so special, the online leaderboards.

This is just a minor gripe as the racing is great fun and has all the simplicity of Trials 2, if you crash or get stuck you go right back to a recent point on the track. Check out the video for to see it in action and get the demo here.

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