More Football Management Coming This Year

More Football Management Coming This Year

Come on now, don’t look so surprised, did you really doubt we would get another Football Manger game this year? When Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson tells PCGamesN that sales of FM 2013 were up 20% over 2012 then you know there will be another top-notch game coming out. Hit the jump for some details.

The new game, coming out before Christmas, will feature more than 1000 improvements and enhancements over last years version and comes with some big technical updates. Firstly, the new game will be supported on Linux which is new ground for the series. In addition, FM 2014 will use Steam’s Cloud saving capabilities along with integration of Steam Workshop with the game editor which also includes a new Challenge Editor.

The Steam Workshop inclusion is my favourite feature that has been announced so far, there are always so many custom leagues and competitions made by fans of the game, it will be great to get access to them in a much more streamlined fashion.

As ever there is an improved 3D match engine along with a tweaked and updated user-interface. As you can see from the screens in the gallery below, the interface has a similar functional overview to last year, but with nice touches like colour-coded news categories, new pie-charts to better analyse data and some more widespread changes to the training and transfer centre promised too. Transfers and contracts have been brought in line with real-world deals like being able to loan players you buy back to the selling club and you can also now make transfer offers in real-time as you already can with contract offers.

Take a look at the screenies below and let us know what you think.

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