More Goo?

More Goo?

World of Goo was awesome, one of my favourite games of all time. I dream of seeing a new World of Goo title. My dreams may, just may, come true.

In a 2D Boy blogpost about the release of the iPad version of World of Goo Kyle Gabler answered some ‘frequently asked questions’ with this gem being the icing on the gooey cake.

Q. Will there be a World of Goo 2?
A. A second World of Goo is a possibility, and something we would enjoy working on. Working together again on GooPad has reminded us how fun it was to make the original. A second World of Goo will need to feel like a perfect and appropriate continuation of the first game. No Red Bull Can levels or rapping Goo cutscenes, according to our official design doc.

World of Goo 2? I want it now.

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