More Thievery a’coming

More Thievery a’coming


We seem destined to have a Thief 4 announcement coming May 11th. Eidos Montreal are dropping hints all over the place that the fourth part in the franchise is in development.

The first hint comes with the picture at the top of this post which comes straight from the Eidos Montreal website. The writing is very much in classic Thief writing.

The second comes via friend of The Reticule, Seniath who has nabbed a picture from the latest issue of Edge which reveals the date for the announcement of Eidos’ next game.


Finally PC Gamer’s ‘Spy’ all but reveals in his usual way in the next issue (on sale 7th May) that Eidos Montreal are indeed working on Thief 4. Incidentally the ‘Spy’ alludes that the previous plans for a new Thief to be set in the modern era have been shelved.

Putting this all together it is a nigh on certainty that on May 11th we will see Eidos Montreal announce that they are hard at work on Thief 4 and that it will still take place in its usual setting.

7 thoughts on “More Thievery a’coming

  1. The fact that the ad says, “One of the greatest games of all time”, and “One of the ten best heroes”, could certainly mean Thief and Garrett.

    I can’t wait! I hope it is Thief 4!

  2. I did some Google research on those quotes in the pic, and what I could find included Thief!

    Gamespot “Ten Best Heroes In Gaming” – Garrett is on the list, JC Denton is not

    Gamespot “Greatest Games of All Time” – Thief is on the list, Deus Ex is not

    I’d say it’s pretty positive now, Thief 4 will be officially announced next week, probably still at least two years away from release though, maybe even three or four!

    Here is a convincing sketch of what’s under the clue:

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