Motorstorm RC – The Verdict

Motorstorm RC – The Verdict

There is one title on the Vita that is really a must own, there are plenty of really good titles that have been released to coincide with the US/EU release of Sony’s new handheld, but Motorstorm RC is probably the pick of the bunch, and at only ¬£4.79 there is no reason not to own it.

This instalment in the Motorstorm franchise is a dramatic step change from what has gone before, this is all about Remote Control cars, tiny little cars which you can throw around the innovative tracks which are set across a splendid variety of locales.

Acceleration and breaking is handled with the right analogue stick while the left controls the steering. The feel of the cars will take some getting used to, but fortunately there is a large playground area in which you can hone your skills, be it the basics of driving, or learning how to drive a football past a cardboard goalkeeper to score a goal. Once you have the basics of the control scheme sorted it is time to take to the Festival, a tour across four diverse settings each packed fill with different races to get stuck into.

While you will be keen to unlock new events by earning medals in each race, one of the biggest lures back to stages you have already completed is the list of your friends times which always reminds you of how they have whooped your time in an event. Striving to better your friends time, seeing their ghost on track with you is a deeply addictive factor which keeps me coming back to tracks I have already earned all three medals for time and time again.

If beating your friends isn’t enough, then unlocking the new stages, vehicles and playground areas surely will, especially as the racing is so enjoyable. Whether you are in a straight race against the AI, trying to beat set laptimes or trying to overtake a number of AI cars within different time limits, it is pure fun throwing this tiny little RC cars around. Motorstorm RC is surely one of the best games out now on the Vita, buy it now and enjoy.

Verdict – Headshot

Platforms Available – PS Vita/PS3
Platform Reviewed – PS Vita

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