Much Like Babel, Grow Tower is Meant to Confuse

Much Like Babel, Grow Tower is Meant to Confuse

I love those little faceless men. They're lovely.

I’ve got a bit of history with EyeMaze, and the Grow series of games. Not really personal history, but I started playing them years and years ago, while I was still a not too spotty, freakishly tall 13 year old, and flash games were pretty much the only thing the school computers would let us play, or even be able to run. So now that he’s released a new one, Grow Tower, I’m clinging to it like the Spikey Goo Ball. It’s another wonderful little game that revolves around placing a certain set of things in a certain order to achieve the maximum growth, in this case directly upwards. Even if you don’t get it perfectly right, it’s still very visually satisfying. You can play it here.

3 thoughts on “Much Like Babel, Grow Tower is Meant to Confuse

  1. The animations really are what makes the Grow series so enjoyable. I think my favorite is still the one he made while he was sick, bacause of how the character’s family’s love helped him get better.

    The downiside of the great animations is that it can make the games very hard to work out since he’s willing to allow totally crazy things to happen. Though that’s part of the fun.

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