Murder Puzzler Deathloop Gets Groovy Theme, Explainer

Murder Puzzler Deathloop Gets Groovy Theme, Explainer

We don’t often do straight up news posts here at The Reticule, especially not for AAA titles which everyone knows about already. But Deathloop seems to still be going somewhat under the radar in the broader gaming community, despite me absolutely falling in love with it when it featured in Sony’s PlayStation 5 unveiling last summer, and if I can do my bit to share the news of this brilliant looking game, then I will.

You see, Deathloop is coming from Arkane Lyon, the team behind the fantastic Dishonored series. The world building of those stealthy muder playgrounds was phenomenal, and Dunwall is right up there alongside City 17 in my mind as an iconic and memorable game location. Whether the island of Blackreef which is at the heart of Deathloop will sit quite as long in my memory, we’ll have to wait and see when the game launches May 21st on PlayStation 5 and PC. Everything I have seen so far though shows me a world and playstyle that I’m sure to love, with what looks to be just enough of the old Dishonored DNA to offer a warm comforting feeling, but the right dash of new to get you out of your seat.

If my words aren’t convincing you to check out Deathloop in more detail, then the recent trailer titled Déjà Vu should do the job. The groovy tune that kicks in around 30-seconds in has been stuck in my head since watching this video.

For those of you wanting a bit more substance, maybe who want to better understand what Deathloop is all about, Game Director Dinga Bakaba handles that for you in this smart video.

We might be over two months from release still, but I know that Deathloop is going to be a day one purchase. And then maybe I’ll loop back any buy it again, and again, and again.

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