My Dear Delusional Dark Knight

My Dear Delusional Dark Knight

It's not quite the Predator arm wrestle, but there's man juices flowing. Not that! You sick bastard.

There’s been another trailer released for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum game, and it’s finally got a bit more substance to it than the last ones. Now Mark Hamil has been confirmed to be the Joker, we get more than just his laugh echoing manically in our heads, and get some lovely dialog to grace our ears. There’s more plot at show as well, and the various voice actors get to show that they’re really quite up to standard. I’m really looking forward to this one, (as made obvious here), but in particular I’ve got high hopes for the writing/acting. They seem to be getting the right people to do the job, what with Kevin Conroy (the guy who voiced Batman in the brilliant 90s animated series), Paul Dini writing (who wrote said 90s animated series) and of course, Mark Hamil playing the Joker. At the very least, we should get some great lines. Trailer beneath the cut.

Batman: Arkham Asylum 'Joker's Trap' trailer

3 thoughts on “My Dear Delusional Dark Knight

  1. This one is without doubt my most wanted game of this year, providing Splinter Cell: Conviction doesn’t miraculously materialize in my hands during the interim. It looks like they’re doing so much right, along with a couple of things that are really getting my interest (Fear based combat, stealth, and the detective aspect presuming it isn’t half-baked). It may be just seeing what I want to see, but it looks like my sort of game.

  2. Lawkin Gud!

    I thought this was a PC gaming website, is it coming out on PC too?
    I’m not trying to tell you what content to put on your site, I’m just wondering if it’s coming out on pc.

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