My Most Anticipated Game Coming in March – Tiger Woods

My Most Anticipated Game Coming in March – Tiger Woods

March is most certainly shaping up to be a big month with some major games getting released with Tomb Raider, Sim City and depending on THQ-shenanigans, Metro Last Light. While these are all big games, and titles I will certainly be eager to check out, the game that I am currently most looking forward to is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14. Bet you weren’t expecting that were you?

My anticipation for the latest in EA’s yearly golfing franchise stems from my recent enjoyment of last years edition, Tiger Woods 13 which I been playing during any spare moment over the last week or so. There is something about striking a little ball down a vast expanse of grass which is strangely enticing. Not that I am one for playing the game outside, but by creating a golfer in my own image I have developed a definite bond with the game.


If I am having so much fun with last years edition, why then am I so eager to get my hands on the next game? A few specific reasons:

– There are more courses than ever before included on the disc with 20 available from the off. This will reduce the number of locked courses that you can only play by spending in-game Coins or purchasing as DLC. This is one of the annoyances I have with 13 as there are so many courses I can’t play from the off, which means that in career mode I have to substitute different courses to cover for the real event. If this occurs less, I can only be happy.

– Ladies golfers are also making an appearance with their very own championship to contest. I found it odd that there were only a handful of female players in 13 and that there wasn’t a proper tournament for them to take part in. The introduction of the LGPA and the Kraft Nabisco Championship is only a good thing, and hopefully this inclusion of female players will lead to others sports games putting ladies at the centre of the action.

– Night-time golf might sound like a gimmick, and it probably is really, but I can’t wait to play at the Celtic Manor resort in Newport at night. There are also expanded time-of-day settings which hopefully means I will be able to enjoy some stunning sunsets at a course like St. Andrews.

Many people criticise EA for their yearly sports franchises and their often limited improvements, but now that I have got into playing Tiger Woods 13, I can honestly say that I can’t wait for the new one to land in March.

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