Myst Online Roams Free

Myst Online Roams Free

Like all of Myst, it's very pretty but very sterile.

Some interesting news coming through TXT; the previously thought dying MMO Myst Online has been giving a second wind by opening up the source and letting the community host their own servers. This, in addition to the one free server Cyan Worlds still hosts, could mean that fans of the game won’t be let down as they see the game they enjoyed wither and die. It’s still rather interesting on it’s own, just as an experiment with this formula.

Everyone has heard about pirate WoW servers, running the game without a subscription on privately hosted servers. If this ‘experiment’ by Cyan Worlds works, it’ll really bring into question the validity of the subscription model as a whole, at least as far as a small, low population MMO works. I understand that Blizzard have been constantly updating content etc. using the money from the subscriptions, but the money from boxed copies alone should be enough to fuel that. Guild Wars has managed to pull it off. So if you take out the server costs, is there really any reason to have subscriptions at all? It’s not as if Valve have to spend huge amounts of money hosting Team Fortress 2 servers, but that is still as active now as it ever was, with a few hundred medium to large servers to peruse at your leisure. I’m just saying, s’all.

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