NecroVisioN Demo Impressions

NecroVisioN Demo Impressions


NecroVisioN is taking the unprecedented step of giving us a World War One shooter that takes us away from the tedium of the trenches and into a hellish world of undead and other strange beings. What do I think of the game after playing the demo…read on to find out.


What makes Necrovision (note to developers: stop with the random capitalisation of letters if your game titles) stand out, be it in a good way or a bad way is the myriad methods of attack. If you are duel wielding, as you start the demo off doing, you can attack with the weapon in your left hand, the weapon in your right hand, melee attack with one of the weapons and, in a nod back to Wolfenstein you can kick things too. If we look at the options menu we see that in the full game there is some kind of ‘Special Attack’. In a game where you are posed with five methods of attacking you have to have your wits about you to cope.


And what is it that you are attacking with your vast armada of tricks? The guys trying to kill you of course! These vary from bog standard German troops (complete with pointy helmets) to undead soldiers and what looks like a ghost which is boss you face at the start of the demo. You soon stumble across a limey who is missing a leg, from what he says you can deduce that vampires will make an appearance somewhere in this game. This makes me think that Necrovision is a very dark game that is taking the common phrase that war is hell just a bit too figuratively.


The demo doesn’t throw too much of the supernatural stuff at you, most of your time will be spent bayoneting the ugly undead guys in the face. That really is a satisfying experience and is where the multiple modes of attack comes into play, after you have had your fun shooting the arms and legs off these monsters you can get up close and personal, boot them in the guts and then blowing their head off. Yes this is just a bit brutal.


After playing the demo of Necrovision I have deduced that it has a million different ways of attacking the armies of hell in a brutal and gory way with a lead character who spouts off the most ludicrous phrases I have heard in a game since Duke Nukem. At the end of the day this is shaping up to be a fun game which is a cross between Painkiller and Wolfenstein with an added sprinkling of World War One.

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