Update – Three New Battlefield 3 DLC Packs Announced

Update – Three New Battlefield 3 DLC Packs Announced

Update – Earlier today we reported on a rumouer that a bunch of new DLC for Battlefield 3 were about to be announced. Low and behold, three new DLC packs have been announced by EA each with a distinct theme. Hit the jump to find out more.

The first pack is going to be known as Close Quarters and will focus on infantry combat. Eurogamer have the skinny from the GDC reveal, but you can expect ten new weapons and four new maps when Close Quarters launches in June.

In the Autumn we will see Armored Kill arrive with new vehicles and maps designed to make best use of the vehicles on offer in the game. In addition, this pack will feature what is promised to be the biggest map ever in Battlefield history, no mean feat when you consider the size of some maps from Battlefield 1942.

The final pack is mysteriously known as End Game and will come this winter, though EA aren’t providing any new details just yet.

Original Story – Thanks to an anonymous source the folks over at Battlefieldo, a community site for BF3, have discovered some details suggesting what the new DLC ‘may’ include. It’s all very vague but given the fact that DICE/EA are very tight lipped about revealing any kind of information concerning unreleased DLC, it’s at least something to get excited about as we patiently wait for the new content.

According to the source the expansion is set to be called “Close Quarters” and will include a whole new set of vehicles and weapons, much like Back To Karkand did. The source also managed to access employee only Battlelog pages that stated the possibility of two new weapons: The CZ 75 Auto, and the CZ 750 Sniper Rifle. The page also suggested the return of the UH-60 BlackHawk helicopter from the Battlefield: Bad Company series.

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