New Bioshock Infinite Screens Released

New Bioshock Infinite Screens Released

Here at the top of the page, I generally write something witty and unpredictable before eventually, after much unnecessary winding prose, getting to the point of the article. Today however there’s not really much more for me to add, so instead I’ll settle for some simple re-iteration.

Some Bioshock Infinite screens have been released, and here they are.





I can’t help but hope the copy of The Principles of Quantum Mechanics that Elizabeth is wielding is an as-yet unannounced addition to the Bioshock arsenal, as judging by the size of it, it can probably do a fair amount of damage.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything of Bioshock Infinite, but it’s good to see it’s still on track and looking rather fetching. Next time, however, how about some more of those new-fangled moving-pictures I’ve heard so much about?

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