New Blitzkrieg 3 Trailers Show Off Destruction Tech

New Blitzkrieg 3 Trailers Show Off Destruction Tech

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up to witness a fleet of tanks rumbling through your nearby forest, knocking down trees, destroying fences and then, once they reach the roads, crushing cars beneath their tracks like there is no tomorrow? If you don’t hate that idea, then I have three videos that will be just what you need to see.

I made passing mention of Blitzkrieg 3 last week, but the new developer blow and associated trailers which show off American and Soviet Tank Destroyers convinced me that I had to write about it again.

This first trailer is the latest developer blog where the team at Nival go into some detail about how the physics engine effects the world around you. It isn’t just tanks destroying scenery, there are some wonderful shots of the in-game buildings being wrecked.

There are also some close up shows of a variety of tank destroyers that will be available at your fingertips for the Allies (well, Americans at least) and Soviet’s. TANKS!

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