New Machinarium Trailer

New Machinarium Trailer

Machinarium - Josef

The ever amazing Jakub Dvorsk√Ĺ, lead producer on Machinarium dropped a message off in The Reticule’s inbox earlier showing off the new trailer for Machinarium.

The trailer shows off some of the puzzles in the game from Amanita Design which follows the story of a little robot called Josef who has to get back to the big city after being dumped in the junkyard. Here is the new video:

I previewed this game on Resolution a while back and loved it and Phill talked to Jakub back in February here on The Reticule.

The game is due out this fall and is available for pre-order at $17. Last year was the year for World of Goo, I think this year may be Machinarium’s year.

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