New Record! Love Spree! Diablo 3!

New Record! Love Spree! Diablo 3!

Would this be a valid time to mention pooping rainbows?

I’m sure when all the fans of Diablo cried out that the new version was too colourful, they didn’t think it through properly. ‘Too colourful’ it was not. It had some colour, and a bit more lighting than they may have like. However, one of Blizzard’s community moderators has decided to show them what ‘too colourful’ really means. They’ve released a pair of screenshots from the game the involve a unicorn with rectally jettisoned rainbows and.. the Stay Puft Marshmallow man?

I can't really think of anything funnier than the image.

Obviously they are a joke, but they do perhaps hint at Diablo 3’s version of the Secret Cow Level. Perhaps it will be something involving candy canes and frustratingly annoying elves? We can only hope. Until then, have yourself a giggle at the pictures, and hold out hope that you’re allowed to play as Stay Puft.

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