New Thief Coming 2014 – Not Called Thi4f

New Thief Coming 2014 – Not Called Thi4f

A new Thief, it is real and will be coming out next year on PC, PlayStation 4 and other un-named next-gen consoles, aka the next Xbox. The new game is being developed by Eidos-Montreal, the studio who worked on the much loved Deus-Ex: Human Revolution. Most important of all, the new game won’t be called Thi4f as had been rumoured previously, it is actually a re-invention of the classic series and as such doesn’t warrant any number in the title nonsense.

GameInformer has the exclusive preview and cover reveal along with a short video featuring some interviews with people from Eidos-Montreal and footage of actors being motion-captured. A Russian website has already pulled all the images from the GameInformer reveal, they can be seen here. A bit of Dishonored creeping in there I think?

This has me all kinds of excited though, hopefully it will prove to do the series justice.

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