New Tokyo 42 Goodness

New Tokyo 42 Goodness

Somehow, I haven’t talked about the greatness that will be Tokyo 42 since my EGX 2016 reports. That’s exceedingly poor form on my behalf as this is a game that I have high hopes for. The good news is, there is a new trailer that I have embedded below.

I don’t think I really touched on the different combat styles when I was talking about the game in my EGX diaries, and along the way I never got around to writing up any further detailed impressions. As the video shows, you can take a stealthy approach to missions, or go in all guns blazing. I experienced both styles action when I played the game at EGX, and both are equally rewarding. That is somewhat unusual for games that offer different approaches as quite often, the shooting heavy style feels like a cheap way of skipping the hardcore stealth.

In Tokyo 42 I came away from both my loud, and quiet, missions feeling equally pleased in my achievement. Attacking a gang stronghold with all guns blazing is very much a worthwhile tactic to explore, and will often lead to manic running, jumping and hiding as you try to evade the thousands of bullets and grenades that will doubtless come flooding in your direction. Evading this onslaught and still completing your objective is intensely rewarding. Similarly, if you take a stealthy approach and manage to kill your target without being drawn into wide-scale combat you will get a similar sense of satisfaction.

Developers SMAC Games and publishers Mode 7 Games haven’t confirmed an exact release date just yet, but they have confirmed that the game will be releasing this year on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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