New* Volume Screenshots

New* Volume Screenshots

Can something be called new if it is from four days ago? Seeing as they are new to being posted on The Reticule, I would deem these screenshots of Volume as worth of the ‘New’ headline. Volume is the upcoming title from Mike Bithell who made Head Shot worthy Thomas Was Alone.

Volume is a futuristic stealth game with a generous dollop of thievery on top. As Mike describes it:

Volume is a near future retelling of the Robin Hood legend, starring Danny Wallace and Charlie McDonnell. It will likely be a pretty good game.

The trailer at the bottom in the original announce trailer, and as you can see from the images the art style has become more refined. Something I do appreciate from the trailer is the sequence showing off the level creation tools, they look lovely and simple, for some reason reminding me of the old Timesplitters 2 level editor. I do wonder why I didn’t speak to Mike at Eurogamer last year…ignore my regret and check out the media below. Click on the images for a full size view.

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