Calvino Noir – Release Date Confirmed with New Trailer

Calvino Noir – Release Date Confirmed with New Trailer

Do you like news about release dates that comes along with a new trailer for said game? Then today is your lucky day as I bring you news on Calvino Noir (official site), the 1930s set mystery that has been confirmed for release on the 27th August. Hit the break for the new trailer and some tasty new screenies where I try to deduce what is going on.

Calvino Noir has been on my watch-list since EGX last year, and things had generally gone a bit quiet since then. I thought it was looking very impressive at the show last year, and in the 12-months since then, it looks to have come a long way judging by the video. The prospect of sneaking around this world is enticing and I am starting to get vibes of a slower paced, noir-eque Gunpoint and The Swindle cross. That certainly isn’t a bad thing in my eyes, and the promise of conspiring with other characters to ignite a revolution is exciting.

In some news that passed me by, the team behind the game took over the PlayStation blog to announce Calvino Noir will launch on PlayStation 4 alongside PC and i devices while also taking the time to talk a little bit about how they designed the levels in the game:

The spaces you move through feel like they could be places people would actually inhabit. That makes it more satisfying to sneak through to find clues or avoid guards. It is a new treatment for the platform game genre. Each location is set out like a real church or factory or hotel. For games that use stealth like ours, environment design is essential to not only give you fun places to hide, but also to build routes around interesting locations that actually make sense.

Not long to go now, as I start adding more games to my list of things to play…

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