Dovetail Games Fishing Gets Fish AI

Dovetail Games Fishing Gets Fish AI

It’s timely. The full trailer for Terminator:Genysis (bad spelling, bad) comes out, Stephen Hawkin’s himself comes out and warns against the potential machine threat and then DoveTail Games Fishing enters it’s second phase of Steam’s early access. It’s the start of the end people, and it all begins with Fish A.I.

Jump to the cut for an explanation (of sorts…)

This game has a Fish A.I. Let that sink in for a second, Fish with artificial intelligence. It’s one step from a Haddock that can think, to a Terminator running through Milton Keynes hell-bent on destruction.

DoveTail Games try to temper our fears by detailing the Fish A.I. In their recent press release:

The key feature of this phase is the addition of fish AI. In order to accurately recreate the way that fish behave, both as part of the entire lake population and as individual fish, Dovetail Games has created two different systems to manage fish AI. Global Fish AI is the underlying behaviour system for the general population of fish in the lake and determines how the fish move around and behave in their habitat. To supplement the Global Fish AI, a new Local Fish AI feature has also been added, which creates individually simulated fish, showing how they behave in specific situations.

Now while this actually sounds cool in the context of a fishing simulation, it doesn’t fool me for a minute. They go on to say:

In addition to the AI, the new lake exploration feature will increase the player’s chance of making a catch. Players will now be able to experience different fish ‘shows’, to guide them to where the fish are located in the lake. Observant players will notice bubbles breaking on the surface of the water, ripples and water splashes where fish breach the surface. Players now have the opportunity to explore the lake environment and fish from different pegs so they can find the best places to fish from.

Observing where the fish are, exploring lake from different locations to find the best fishing point. It all sounds remarkably… calm. It almost lulls me into believing that this is just a very nice looking, well-thought out fishing simulator. Almost.


It does look rather pretty as well.

Screenshot 02

DoveTail Games Fishing is entering it’s second phase of Steam early access now, and if you want to prepare for the future, maybe you should check it out.



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