News – “Frozen Synapse 2 unveils new units; delayed until 2018”

News – “Frozen Synapse 2 unveils new units; delayed until 2018”

Is something  news if we have already shared in on our Twitter? Who is even writing this post? I think we’ve passed the fourth wall and entered the dimension inhabited by Frozen Synapse 2Today, this dimension is inhabited by delays (to make the game better!), new units (yay!) and a new game mode (double yay!). Do you dare step forth into this dimension to read a hurried breakdown of a delightful press release from Mode 7? You do? Hooray!

For those who live under a rock, Frozen Synapse 2 is the sequel to Mode 7’s 2011, multi-award-winning Frozen Synapse. It is a simultaneous turn-based game set in a vast procedurally generated city. Tactical encounters can occur within any building, or at any map location and are often ferocious in their violence. Unless you’re a pacifist, then there is only muted violence.

The game is being delayed until 2017 August 2018 to make the game better, but we don’t care because we are delighted when any news about the game appears! Especially when the new trailer reveals a new multiplayer game mode called “One Turn” which is, astonishingly, a match comprised of a single turn.  The great thing about this is that once you have committed your turn, you can watch how it plays out against anyone else in the world who has taken the opposite side on that particular seed.  This is cool, trust us Mode 7.

Also revealed are new units! Gifs might be available, but we here at Reticule Towers don’t exist in a dimension where Gifs exist. But you want to know about the new units…here you are (as Gifs don’t exist in our world, the images don’t necessarily relate to the new units. We just thought they looked pretty):


Frozen Synapse 2 gameplay
Unit Name: Naughty Naughty Little Flame Man
Age: 42
Classified Data: Shoots out “that fire”

Role: A medium-range area-of-effect unit which is devastating when left unchecked, particularly in a confined space

Smoke Grenade

Frozen Synapse 2 gameplay2

Unit Name: Ol’ Smokey Gaspo
Age: Oak Smoked
Classified Data: smo smo smo, smo smo smer-smo, smo smo smo, smoke ON (the water)

Role:  Smoke grenades can be used to block sightlines and provide instant cover

Mine Layer

Frozen Synapse 2 gameplay3


Role: The Mine Layer places proximity mines to deter attackers
Is that everything ripped from the press release? I think so.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,

Mode 7 The Reticule

Edits made – Ed – 31/07/2018

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