NGO Space

NGO Space

I have an idea for a little game, a Flash game perhaps. This might turn out to become a feature, it might be a one-off. I imagine this is what the main menu would look like:


The foundations of this game lie upon the idea of ‘NGO Space’ – that’s Non-Governmental Organisation Space – which states that in order for humanitarian organisations to be able to do their jobs within trouble-spots, they need protection from blokes with guns. To put it less crudely, security is a necessity for post-conflict reconstruction because without defence the re-builders will likely succumb to aggrieved elements within society. Think Afghanistan: the government and international community are united in their goals – they want the economy to prosper and human rights to be respected – yet there are those (people not included in the political process) who disagree, and will take action to disrupt any effort to create NGO Space. Your job will be to create and maintain this space. I’ve rambled a bit, have another screenshot:


In order to achieve this goal, you’ll be cast as the commander of a miltary force with technological and logistical power greatly surpassing that of the aggrieved. You’ll have infantry, armoured vehicles and airstrikes at your disposal, but also you can attempt to speak with the locals, forge alliances with national factions and try to either disarm civilians or have them take up arms against your enemy.

All the while, they’ll be various NGOs going about their business – with more arriving/leaving depending on your ability to provide safety for their work. At first they’ll be constructing roads, schools and other infrastructure, then they’ll move on to encouraging girls into education and adults into accepting liberal values, and finally they’ll pass on their responsibility to the new national government.

If I had the talent to make this game myself, I would. I hope that by posting it, someone else will take up the torch. Your imput is, as always, very welcome!

2 thoughts on “NGO Space

  1. Sounds something the boys who did Oligarcy would be good at :D

    I’d love to see a game like this myself. It could combine a lot of elements – educational value not the least :P

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