Nighthawks – Kickstart those Vampires!

Nighthawks – Kickstart those Vampires!

I talked a few weeks ago about the upcoming vampire RPG, Nighthawks, and now you can pledge your support for it over on Kickstarter, and while pledging, you can find out loads more about the game. Oh, you want me to do some of the hard work for you? Read on.

In the world of Nighthawks, vampires have been outed and are tolerated, but are they really accepted? Well, the City that will be your home is struggling to adapt to the vampire presence, as much as the vampires are learning that they aren’t alone in the world. Most vampire stereotypes are present, but slightly subverted – they need to drink blood to survive, but most don’t actually enjoy the taste of it; a few vampires have abilities, but these certainly aren’t in the majority. There are even five blood origin groups, New World, Old Country, Continental, Imperial and Mandarin. It is important to note that your nationality isn’t linked to your blood origin, but each origin has its own history and traits.

What is interesting about Nighthawks is the way you create your character…or rather, how you don’t. Apart from chosing your name, every other part of your personality is passed down from your Sire. You choose your Sire’s personality, traits and abilities which are passed down through their blood. Age, gender, sexuality, race – you won’t be asked to define any of this. It comes across as a welcome approach for creating your character in an RPG, banishing many preconceived notions that people have when creating a character in other titles.

The game itself doesn’t have a fixed story, instead it is more of a life simulation crossed with RPG elements with plenty of freedom to do what you want within the City. The story is split into month long Acts, all taking place over about three years. The City is inhabited by potential allies who can join you on your hunts, but they have their own lives to lead. If they work, you get to decide whether to go out alone, or wait until they are free to join you. In one of his updates talking about the story, Richard describes the timescales and objectives as providing limits as you move around in a game of chess against the rest of the world.

It all sounds devilishly good doesn’t it? They have a goal of raising $125,00, and are nearly at $40,000 raised so far. The rough development target is looking at 18 months, while stretch targets will only be considered once the initial goal has been met. Keep an eye on the Kickstarter for more details, or check out the official Discord channel. I’m excited, are you?

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