No, honestly, it’s not Worms.

No, honestly, it’s not Worms.


It’s Hedgewars!

Friend of the Reticule Dartt pointed me to this.  I’ve not had time to try out this piece of interesting open sourcestry, but a quick scan of the site reveals that it looks an awful lot like worms, but with some little tweaks.

For a start, your new soldiers are squidgy little hedgehogs, not groady worms.  Seems to be a few new weapons too.

It’s an interesting project, recreating a game we all know and love but tweaking it a little, and some of the new weapons seem particularly kooky.  I think I spied a walking cake bomb in the video, certainly in keeping with its parent game’s aesthetic don’t you think?

Tell you what, Reticuleers!  If you’ve got a bit of spare time, give the old thing a shot and tell us what you think.  I’d do it myself but I don’t want to.

3 thoughts on “No, honestly, it’s not Worms.

  1. Well considering that Worms was just a rehash of games like Scorched Earth (showing my age here :P) with worms instead of tanks and more cartoony graphics, I don’t really think there is any more to say about this latest incarnation. I’m kind of glad its open source because I sure as hell wouldn’t pay for it.

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