No Prince of Persia DLC for PC. It’s ok, Ubisoft say ‘Sorry!’

No Prince of Persia DLC for PC. It’s ok, Ubisoft say ‘Sorry!’

He's all muscles and colour now. Oh, and he's American. *shudder*

The new Prince of Persia is a troubled game, having mixed reviews, some of which say it’s bloody amazing, other’s bloody awful. Regardless of my own stance (the latter), they did do a good thing when they released it on PC with no DRM whatsoever. That sort of thing should be lauded, and due to the fact we haven’t seen a big cry from Ubisoft saying that sales were awful so it must’ve been pirated to hell and back (yet), we can assume it didn’t do too badly on the platform. Which makes it a little confusing when they say that there’s not going to be a PC version of the upcoming DLC.

The information was delivered on the Ubisoft forums in the following way: “Unfortunately for business reasons we won’t be seeing any PoP DLC appear. Sorry guys!”. Perhaps it’s just me, but that’s both extremely vague and rather irreverent. ‘Business reasons’ covers everything from ‘we just didn’t really feel like putting in the extra work for it’ to ‘the software broke every time we tried it, and we just can’t see it being economically viable.’ The fact they didn’t give a proper excuse leans me towards the former, but I’d hate to start assuming.

It’s definitely a problem though; will the PC see the upcoming GTA IV DLC? (of course that depends if anyone can get the game working at all.) I’d think the stuff that was tagged as ‘exclusive’ will be scarcer on the PC, but still, I can’t see it being too much extra trouble to add something extra to a game they’ve already developed for a platform. Maybe it’s just because there’s no one championing the PC to get us all these goodies. At least we still have the mod scene, which, really, is rather infinitely better.

4 thoughts on “No Prince of Persia DLC for PC. It’s ok, Ubisoft say ‘Sorry!’

  1. My guess is that PC gamers don’t tend to pay for DLC. We’ve been spoilt for so long with devs giving extras away for free online (and only charging for a retail box of said extras) that we just don’t see why we should pay for it.

  2. I’m not so bothered about paying for DLC perhaps. In fact, I think it’s mad that Valve constantly release stuff for free, but I am of course, so very grateful they do. Most big-name developers undoubtably see that as over generous. DLC is in early days too really. I think once a more consistent payment and distribution model is brought out it’ll become a better product. At the moment I do feel DLC is basically shafting the gamer for more money, but I will recognise that those guys have bills to pay too. I don’t see why we should expect development offices to continue producing content for free. They’re not slaves guys.

    Anyway. POP DLC? Who gives a shit, the game was panned by any reputable journalist.

  3. I quite enjoyed the game (for the atmosphere and experience more than the gameplay) until the ending left me feeling shortchanged and cheated. Which makes it even more frustrating that I don’t get the epilogue. Ubi, you do mess up with alarming regularity.

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