Non-E3 News – Euro Truck Sim 2 Going Nordic

Non-E3 News – Euro Truck Sim 2 Going Nordic

In our continued attempts here at Reticule Towers to be perceived as a legitimate emporium of games journalism, we are again eschewing the notion that E3 is all anyone cares about when the big show is taking place. I mean, don’t people want to know a little bit about the latest European Truck Simulator 2 news? I for one, most certainly do. Hit the break for the low-down.

The big news from developers SCS Sofware then is that the next full-scale map expansion for the trucking sim will be going into the Nordic regions of Europe. While there are undoubtedly some fans who would have been calling for southern exploration into Spain and the rest of Italy, I am quite looking to some of the stunning Nordic scenery we have become so used to thanks to the swathes of dark brooding TV dramas produced in those chilly countries. I don’t expect SCS to include any murder mystery elements to the expansion, but one can dream can’t they?

Getting back on the road, the prospect of views such as this one are already quite enticing.


If the news of the Nordic expansion wasn’t enough to whet your appetites, or you simply aren’t keen on splashing out more cash on a trucking game, the latest news on the upcoming patch might pique your interest. In addition to the already know addition of an in-cab seat adjuster and further AI behavioural tweaks, something special is lurking.

SCS have been busy working with Heavy Load Studios on making some additions to the map. When the next patch lands, you will be able to visit three new cities: Venice, Graz, and Klagenfurt. The area of the map that is being updated can be found below.

ETS2 - post-patch map

Are you looking forward to exploring the Nordic lands or do the three new cities excite you most?

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