Not so Shy: Flashbang’s Blush

Not so Shy: Flashbang’s Blush

Mmmm bloom.

Flashbang Studios, the genius/mad minds behind the classic Velociraptor Off road Safari, Jet Pack Brontosaurus and Minotaur China Shop have released the first test footage of their new game, apparently inspired by Flight404’s rather brilliant video for their song ‘Relentless, The REV‘, and it’s looking very interesting. It’s certainly tapping into the ambient feel of Jetpack Brontosaurus and hopefully it’ll fiddle with some of the gameplay-as-music things that the Flight404 video hints at. It’s certainly starting to branch off into it’s own sub-genre that’s producing some rather lovely little games.

Apparently the game has a simple mechanic; kill enemies and steal their powers. That, coupled with the somewhat underwater feel of the video certainly puts one in mind of the cell stage of Spore, arguably the best part of the game. Of course, that and Osmos, which it shares some visual stylings with. The game is apparently going to be released on the 1st of March, and, judging by the games they’ve released in the past, it should be really rather good.

Blush (First Test Footage) from Flashbang Studios on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Not so Shy: Flashbang’s Blush

  1. Surely you mean “[Flashbang Studios], the genius/mad minds…”

    As far as the video goes, the game looks and sounds brilliant, but I hope that it will control better than Jetback Brontasaurus (assuming Blush is 3D – it looks to be from the footage) as the poor jetpacking controls spoilt the whole game.

  2. Fixed.. I’d meant to do that a while ago…

    As far as the controls; I thought Jetpack Brontosaurus handled just right really.. It felt like something weighing a few tonnes was hurtling through the air. Even if that controls badly, it felt right.

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