Of Orcs and Men, Just Another RPG?

Of Orcs and Men, Just Another RPG?

The press release for Of Orcs and Men starts off with a bold statement that this is a “great role-playing game.” I think it is a bit early for a game to be called great when it won’t even be released until Spring 2012.

After a brief scan over the rest of the press release I was nonplussed, phrases like ‘brutal world at war’, ‘Empire of Men’ and ‘territories of the Orcs and Goblins’ immediately made me picture a distinctly average RPG being developed following some of the same old RPG stereotypes we have seen time and time again.

I took a closer look though and noticed something that caught my eye, you will take the role of an Orc with a mission to kill the Emperor of Men. Furthermore, you will get a Goblin buddy to take with you on your quest. It isn’t every day you see an RPG which puts you in the boots of the traditional enemy, the Orc. Of the two buddies in arms, the Orc is being set up as the power hours with the Goblin being a more stealth oriented character.

There isn’t any mention of co-op, but it is obviously being set up for some sort of co-op play. If this doesn’t feature the chance to play with your friends then developers Cyanide Studios (of Blood Bowl fame) and Spiders will be missing a trick. Of Orcs and Men will be released next Spring on the PC, 360 and PS3.

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