Off and On Again

Off and On Again

A privileged elite thrust from a dying world, an exiled criminal making his escape with a bounty of fuel and fireworks, or over-reliance on GPS leading to a Sunday drive gone terribly awry. Form your own story – you’re in space and there’s gonna be ‘splosions before the end. This is Reset by chatroom regular and talented person RoBurky, and these are the words he has to say about his creation:

“‘Rest to Resetby Trash80 (creator of the soundtrack to Darwinia) is one of my favourite pieces of music. This game is intended to provide an experience that supports that music, with everything that happens in the game happening in response to something in the music. Like an interactive music video. Or like Audiosurf, but with the experience sculpted just for this one track.

During the three minutes and twenty four seconds of gameplay (thanks for providing me with a justification to use that word again, Sponge!) you’ll certainly spot an Asteroids motif developing, yet the origins of this game are far more nebulous – originally conceived as the ending to a mod developed for Notrium, only through both the game and its creator’s strength of character did Reset emerge as the experience it is today – a game about motion, with a moving ending. Oh! And the music – what do you have to say about that RoBurky?

The music in Reset was recorded live from 4 Gameboys. That’s amazing to me.”

One thought on “Off and On Again

  1. I love the concept – all too often is music developed to suit a game. A game developed around the music is genuinely interesting. You could argue that Audiosurf did it first – but I would say that crafting set pieces and challenges to the music is not something that can be done procedurally. Kind of like music videos – you dont create a music video mathematically (despite what MTV would indicate), it

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