Oh Joy, I’m Scared Again

Oh Joy, I’m Scared Again


I think Chris might have a point here. To be honest, the reason I generally play horror games is that sports and racing games scare me to death – I haven’t managed to face a football game since Sensible Soccer, whereas any game featuring words like ‘suspension’, ‘lap times’ or ‘drift’ send me searching desperately for a locker to hide in until they go away.

That’s not to say I consider myself brave or manly for playing horror games. No, I tend to play them for short bursts of time, mostly spent running away from things or jumping at shadows, before quickly alt-tabbing to desktop and vowing never to play them again. However, despite my rather unusual phobia towards horrifying things in the dark that want to kill me, my love-hate relationship with horror games continues.

Just for a change, this week I’ve been sent a trailer for a game that appears to present a calming alternative that won’t completely shatter my nerves. Instead of taking place in a terrifying, procedurally generated location shrouded in darkness, featuring horrific Lovecraftian monsters and all manner of soul-destroying terrors, Phantasmal instead looks like a cheerfully friendly game set on the rainbow hills of Happy Chocolate Land, where nothing bad ever, ever happens.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Promising procedurally generated levels similar to those that kept me terrified at Monstrum for well over a year, and insanity systems that sound taken straight from Call of Cthulhu, I’m excited to dive into this one on its release on April 14th.

Actually no, I’m terrified to try it, but I’ll play it anyway because I’m a bit weird like that.

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