OMDO – 3D DOOM With A ‘Very Slight’ Catch

OMDO – 3D DOOM With A ‘Very Slight’ Catch

My love for the original DOOM is no great secret. It’s one of the earliest PC games I remember playing as a child and along with X-Com: UFO Defense it’s one of the first games to be installed on any new PC I buy. However, whilst I’m content enough to enjoy the classic graphical stylings of Carmack’s original masterpiece, for those looking for something a little more contemporary, there’s OMDO.

Dragging DOOM into the 21st century, Blogum’s OMDO resurrects the traditional gameplay of Doom with a move to three dimensions, with none of the problems caused by having to wear an incredibly expensive and sweaty headset.

Admittedly, there’s a very slight catch.

OMDO plays just like DOOM, except every frame is a random dot autostereogram – in other words, one of those Magic Eye pictures you used to stare at in the library at school. You remember the ones – you had to cross your eyes until you were staring up your own nose in the hope of seeing a weird picture of a tiger or some flying fish. Either you could see the pictures instantly, which made you some kind of wizard, or you just lied and told all your friends you could, not wanting to be left out.

Although it seems at first glance to be an overdue April Fools joke, OMDO is definitely real and playable, if extremely hard. While the levels are navigable, it can be difficult to locate doors unless you’ve a good memory for the original levels, with enemies pretty much invisible until you’re face to face.

Aside from that, the biggest problem with OMDO is having to play in short bursts to prevent your eyeballs from leaking out of their sockets.

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