Onto the Land – A GTA V Wildlife Documentary

Onto the Land – A GTA V Wildlife Documentary

Being one of the most trend-setting gamers around, I’ve always got my eye out for the newest and most unknown titles. This month I’ve been trying out something called Grand Theft Auto 5.

For those of you that don’t know, Grand Theft Auto 5 is an impressive open world game in which you travel the fictional state of San Andreas with camera-phone in hand, taking pictures of the fascinating wildlife and interesting scenery. Occasionally you’ll run into mostly unpleasant characters who will try to encourage you to perform rather unpleasant and often unlawful acts, but otherwise you’re free to explore the land and oceans in relative peace.

The indigenous wildlife of GTAV fascinate me – I often spend large chunks of time trying to sneak up and take pictures of roaming deer when perhaps I should be doing more criminal things, but there’s just something about nature in games that intrigues me. I’ve often wondered what the lives of those animals must be like, and now, thanks to some people with far too much time on their hands, it looks like I can actually find out.

Clocking in at around 15 minutes, Onto The Land is a fascinating documentary from 8-BIT BASTARD and Chaney555 that takes a look at all of GTA’s creatures both great and small. From following a ferocious mountain lion to hiding from eagles with tiny rabbits, Onto The Land hits the tone of wildlife documentary perfectly, with an excellent choice of background music, sweeping views of the San Andreas landscape and a believably ‘scientific’ narration.

Well worth a watch.

Thanks to Patricia Hernandez at Kotaku for spotting this.

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