Our Week In Games 2015 – Part Four

Our Week In Games 2015 – Part Four

As a married man, I hate Valentine’s day. Actually, scratch that – as a sensible human being, I hate Valentine’s day. For singles, it’s a day of misery and loneliness and for couples, it’s a high pressure event where you just cross your fingers and pray you get things right. In many ways, it’s a roguelike. No reloads, no second chances and half the time you don’t know the effect of the words until you say them.

This week, like many others, I’ve been ploughing the Underzee in Sunless Sea. It’s a slow paced adventure, so difficult to recommend for people with little spare time at their disposal, but the quality of writing is simply divine. With a tiny little ship and tiny little crew I’ve been sailing into the darkness with no real idea of where I’m going and no idea what’s looming in the darkness ahead.

A bit like love really.


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