Our Week in Games – 2015 Part Three

Our Week in Games – 2015 Part Three

So we missed an issue of OWIG last week, but today we are back! Hit the break for the latest version of Our Week in Games.


My past week (or two) of games has revolved around Dragon Age: inquisition. I had intended to continue my Madden NFL story with my career with the Titans, something which would have been apt considering it was the Superbowl last Sunday. However my weeks have in fact been spent with Dragon Age.

Since we last spoke I have made much progress with the game. I haven’t gone from being a part of the Inquisition to being the leader of the entity that will save the world. I chose to align myself with the mages and had a very interesting slice of time travel action.

Since then I have forged myself a new home and have regretted recruiting so many people to my team. I regularly chose the original cast of characters to play with as I know how they work with each other. Having to filter through all of the options when changing equipment or skills is a time sink.

Regardless, now I have reached Skyhold, I can continue with the numerous quests open to me. There is just so much to this game, it is sometimes hard to take in. Part of me thinks that if I had played this last year, this would be my Game of 2014.

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