Our Week In Games – Week 104

Our Week In Games – Week 104

In a rather strange series of news posts it became apparent that Ubisoft had removed all their new releases from Steam earlier in the week. The reason why they felt they had to do this has not been fully discovered yet but the internet was rife with rumors of a fallout with Valve over the pricing of their games. Whatever the reason it seems to have sorted itself out as after a brief spell of wondering what to do with ourselves, the games magically appeared back on Steam yesterday afternoon.


This week has been very busy on the gaming front. Now that my new PC is all set up nicely I’ve had some real time to sit down an play some good games and even get some recording done!

First off I managed about an hour of the surprise Evolve alpha, I was hoping for more but ended up missing it. It was good fun when it worked (it was very temperamental) but nothing to shout home about just yet as you would come to expect from an alpha honestly. Next up was Mark of the Ninja. I’ve been wanting to play this for ages and it’s been in my Steam backlog for… well, ages. Really enjoyed it and was surprised to realise it took me 8 hours to finish, seemed a lot shorter. That’s usually the mark of a good game in my books, something you can lose yourself in for a bit.

Finally I’ve been taking a look at Lords of Xulima early access on Steam. It’s an old school styled RPG with lots going for it, definitely worth checking out if you like your Ultima games. More to come on this very shortly and I managed to get some recording done too.

Oh yeah, and there’s Hearthstone, but that’s a given for any of my OWIG entries.


I spent a lot of last week playing¬†Evolve and if you’ve read my preview on it (of course you have…) you’d know I think it has promise. I particularly like the a-symetrical nature of the combat. The success or otherwise of the title, for me at least, rests on maintaining this a-symmetry as the playerbase becomes more experienced and the characters progress and unlock more skills.

Rampaging monsters and hunters aside, i’ve spent a bit of time re-visiting an old love of mine; X-Com. Now the game is starting to look old, and if im perfectly honest with myself, it wasn’t the best looking game on release (though it was by no means bad, the styalised visuals hid an ageing engine very well), but the gameplay is still immense.

With the benefit of the 2nd wave options (a way to modify the game for extra playability) im going to give it another bash. ON classic ironman of course….

2 thoughts on “Our Week In Games – Week 104

  1. Can’t wait to see some of the video content Kev. I’m really sad to have missed the Evolve Big Alpha, but glad to hear you guys see some promise there.
    Also, Jon, you classic Ironman scrub, be a real man and get some LongWar on the go! ;) (seriously, it’s kicking my ass)

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